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    Dec 05, 2014
    Irvine, CA – O’Neil Software, Inc., a provider of technology solutions for commercial and corporate records management for over 30 years, recently introduced a new scanner – the MC67. Compatible with O’Neil’s RS-SQL® Version 4.04.05 and higher, this handheld offers a compact form factor, but has all the capabilities of a traditional high volume scanner. Fully-featured and rugged, it can handle the toughest environments; for example, drops onto concrete or into water, as well as everyday use in the heat, cold, rain or snow. And in every category that counts, this workhorse delivers, all in real-time, improving customer service and workforce productivity.

    With the dual wireless WAN modem, MC67 users can choose the cellular network that will provide them with the best coverage: 4G HSPA+ and/or 3.5G CDMA EVDO cellular (Verizon) networks. In addition to making calls, as well as sending and receiving email, the handheld allows users to place and complete work orders. A dual core 1 GHz processor provides the power needed to support complex applications. High speed Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) allows outstanding application performance when connected to the Wi-Fi office network, or hot spots. GPS functionality enables users to have dependable access to location-based applications, even in challenging work environments. Advanced scanning technology captures 1 and 2 D barcodes at laser speed, even if codes are dirty, damaged or poorly printed.

    Additionally, the MC67’s PenTile® screen delivers twice the brightness at half the power of typical displays, providing excellent readability, even in bright sunlight. Integrated sensors enable the handheld to automatically power down when it’s face down, or doesn’t move for a preset period of time. It will also adjust the screen brightness, based on lighting conditions. Lastly, with Dual-Microphone Noise Cancellation technology, background noise is greatly reduced, an invaluable feature when communicating with warehouse staff and route drivers. All everyone will hear is the user.

    David Holt, O’Neil’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) notes: “We especially like the new MC67 mobile platform from Motorola® because of its incredibly fast scanning, more ergonomic size and feel, and a price point lower than prior, comparable platforms.”

    About O’Neil Software
    The Clear Advantage™. Committed to leading the industry for over 30 years, O’Neil Software has remained The FIRST Choice of Record Centers Worldwide™. Their technology is installed in over 85 countries, ranging from start-ups to multi-nationals. O’Neil’s solutions manage/track multiple types of data including traditional storage boxes, file folders, documents and tapes; from deposit to destruction, work order to invoice. Their flagship product, RS-SQL, is the most competitively priced software solution on the market, ensuring record center productivity and profitability.

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