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    Congratulations to ARMA International's Certified Information Governance Professionals!

    Aug 23, 2013

    ARMA International is pleased to announce the inaugural group of certified Information Governance Professionals (IGP). By taking and passing the IGP exam, these professionals have proven their business-specific knowledge and now stand out as information governance experts in their organizations--and in their profession.

    Please join us in congratulating the following:

    • James Aust
    • Christie Baird
    • Susan Burd
    • Diane Carlisle
    • Laurie Carpenter
    • Anita Castora
    • Tod Chernikoff
    • Carol Choksy
    • Melissa Dederer
    • Nicholas DeLaurentis
    • George Derk
    • Deborah Dotson
    • Sandra Dunkin
    • Sofia Empel
    • Carol Ann Feuerriegel
    • Patricia Franks
    • Joshua Grisi
    • Allen Gurney
    • Grace Hammar
    • Joshua Hargrafen
    • Gordon Hoke
    • Maria Isaacs
    • Deborah Juhnke
    • Michelle Kirk
    • Peter Kurilecz
    • Tera Ladner
    • John Loveland
    • Stephanie McCutcheon
    • Cheryl McKinnon
    • James Merrifield
    • Dermot Moore
    • Linda Muller
    • Peggy Neal
    • Lee Nemchek
    • Sheri Nystedt
    • Carolyn Offutt
    • Alan Pelz-Sharpe
    • James Presley
    • Fred Pulzello
    • William Silvio
    • Michael Smith
    • Natalie Spano
    • Jason Stearns
    • David Steward
    • Paula Sutton
    • Sheila Taylor
    • Susan Trombley
    • Nathan Troup
    • James Vardon
    • Erik Werfel
    • Steven Whitaker
    • Jesse Wilkins
    • Dylan Williams
    • Robin Woolen
    • Andrew Ysasi
    • Ryan Zilm

    If you’re interested in a unique way to grow your areas of expertise and become more prominent within your network, check out what you need to know to become IGP certified.

    All details, including why you should become an IGP and future exam dates, are listed on the IGP website.

    If you think you already may have acquired the knowledge and skills to be an IGP, take the next step toward joining this prestigious group--sign up for the IGP certification exam.

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