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Standards and Best Practices
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Standards, technical reports, and other best practices documents create a professional environment of advisory and informational publications. They are designed to assist records and information management practitioners with daily business challenges. They enable organizations to confidently create systems, policies, and procedures to ensure high operational quality and exceptional performance.

Learn More About the Standards Development Program Process:

Standards and best practices development is a major activity for ARMA International. The production of these publications is possible only through the volunteer work of professionals like you. Explore the development process and become involved!

ANSI-Registered Technical Reports:

  • Auditing for Records and Information Management Program Compliance ARMA International TR 25-2014
  • Best Practices for Managing Electronic Messages ARMA International TR 24-2013
  • Developing Electronic File Structures ARMA International TR 23-2013
  • Glossary of Records and Information Management Terms ARMA International TR 22-2016
  • Metadata: A Basic Tutorial for Records Managers ARMA TR 03-2009
  • Mobile Communications and Records and Information Management ARMA TR 20-2012
  • Records Center Operations ARMA TR 01-2011
  • Retention Management for Records and Information ARMA International TR 27-2015
  • Secure Management of Private Information ARMA International TR 28-2015
  • Understanding Electronic Records Storage Technologies ARMA International TR 26-2014
  • Using DoD 5015.02 STD Outside the Federal Government Sector ARMA TR 04-2009
  • Using Social Media in Organizations ARMA TR 21-2012
  • Vital Records ARMA TR 29-2017


  • Contracted Destruction for Records and Information Media 2009
  • Controlled Language in Records and Information Management: An Introductory Guideline and Discussion 2008
  • Establishing Alphabetic, Numeric, and Subject Filing Systems 2005
  • Evaluating and Mitigating Records and Information Risks 2009
  • Guideline for Evaluating Offsite Records Storage Facilities 2007
  • Guideline for Outsourcing Records Storage to the Cloud 2010
  • Records and Information Management for IT Professionals 2009
  • Records Management Responsibility in Litigation Support 2007
  • Website Records Management 2009
  • Working Collaboratively in an Electronic World 2007

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Publications

  • ISO 13008: 2012 Information and Documentation — Digital Records Conversion and Migration Process
  • ISO 15489-1:2016 Information Documentation – Records Management – Part 1: Concepts and Principles
  • ISO 23081-1: 2006 – Information and Documentation – Metadata for records – Part 1 – Principles
  • ISO 23081-2:2009 Information and documentation – Managing metadata for records – Part 2: Conceptual and implementation issues
  • ISO/TR 23081-3:2011 Information and documentation – Managing metadata for records – Part 3: Self-assessment method
  • ISO/TR 26122:2008 Information and documentation – Work process analysis for records
  • ISO 16175-1:2010 Information and documentation – Principles and functional requirements for records in electronic office environments – Part 1: Overview and statement of principles
  • ISO 16175-2:2011 Information and documentation – Principles and functional requirements for records in electronic office environments – Part 2: Guidelines and functional requirements for digital records management systems
  • ISO/TR 17068: 2012 Information and Documentation - Trusted Third Party Repository for Digital Records
  • ISO 19011:2012 Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems
  • ISO/IEC 27000:2012 Information Technology – Security Techniques – Information Security Management Systems – Overview and Vocabulary
  • ISO/IEC 27002:2013 Information Technology - Security Techniques – Code of Practice for Information Security Controls
  • ISO 30300:2011 Information and Documentation – Management Systems for Records – Fundamentals and Vocabulary
  • ISO 30301:2011 Information and Documentation – Management Systems for Records – Requirements