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Access Leadership Scholars Application Requirements 

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FAQs/Terms and Conditions:

  • Currently working, with at least one year of work experience within the Records & Information Management (RIM) field.
  • Enrolled or planning to enroll in a degree program at an accredited college or university.
  • Course(s) should be RIM-related, or demonstrably relevant to a RIM career (e.g., budget and finance, human resources, contracts, leadership, etc.).
  • Submission of a one page discussion of how a college degree will help their professional advancement.
  • Receive a C or above grade.
  • Two letters of reference, one personal and one work-related.
  • Employees and/or officers of ARMA, AIEF, and Access Information Management are ineligible for this award
  • Awardees will receive a paid one year Professional Membership to ARMA.
When would the scholarships be awarded?

  • Notification of award would be made once a year, prior to the Annual ARMA International Conference, where the Awardees will be recognized.
  • Funding will be provided after successful completion of a course(s) at the end of a semester with proof of a satisfactory grade (C or above).  Applicant/Student would have to already have made their commitment of money and time with AIEF reimbursement after the fact. 
  • If possible, funding could be provided directly to the educational institution where the applicant is enrolled.

How many awards will be made?  What is the amount of the scholarship?  Any limits?

  • Two awards each year:  one of $6,000 and a second of $2,000.
  • No one can receive more than one award
  • An AIEF Scholarship Committee exists to evaluate the applications. The committee would make a recommendation on recipients to the Board of Trustees and Access would be consulted.

  • Applications are due by September 1 of each year. Submit the documentation indicated above (either method is acceptable) as follows: 


    By mail: Julie Tesch

    Foundation Coordinator
    • ARMA International Educational Foundation
    • 11880 College Blvd. Suite 450
    • Overland Park KS 66210
    • USA
    The graduate scholarship and Access Leadership Scholars applications will be adjudicated by a committee of three AIEF Trustees and one non-Board or Trustee member drawn from the academic community. A majority of the members voting for one applicant will be needed for an award to be made.

    The undergraduate tuition reimbursement applications will be adjudicated by a committee of three AIEF Trustees.  A majority of the members voting for an applicant will be needed for an award to be made.  

    Scholarships will be announced on the AIEF website and at the annual ARMA International Conference. In addition, successful candidates will be notified directly by email.

    If, in the opinion of the evaluation committee, no applications received in a given year warrant an award, none will be given in that year.  

    Access Leadership Scholars and  Undergraduate Tuition Reimbursement, Awardees must complete the course(s) and submit a copy of their transcript showing successful completion with a satisfactory grade (C or above) to the Foundation Administrator.  A check will be issued to the awardee once this information  is received and matched to the initial application.

    Graduate scholarship records relating to the application and evaluation, except the name and address of the recipient and the student essay, will be destroyed one year after final payment of each scholarship is issued. Records for the Access Leadership Scholars and the undergraduate tuition reimbursement awardees, except the name and address of each recipient, will be retained for 10 years or until the applicant is no longer a member of ARMA International, whichever period is shorter.

    For further information, contact the Foundation Administrator at

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