Vision & Mission: Who We Are

    Vision Statement

    ARMA International is a leader in information governance because it is the authority on records and information management (RIM). RIM is broadly recognized as the foundation of effective information governance.

    Core Purpose Statement

    To promote principles and practices that 1) result in organizations understanding that their success relies on the effective management and governance of information and 2) create career and professional development opportunities in RIM and information. 

    Mission Statement

    To provide information professionals the resources, tools, and training they need to effectively manage records and information within an established information governance framework.


    • Act in a fiscally responsible manner
    • Maximize benefits to members
    • Make transparent decisions, take transparent actions
    • Foster an information-sharing ethic and culture
    • Pursue excellence in everything we do


    • Establish market credibility and leadership in Information Governance
    • Evolve our business model and operational structures to support rapid Information Governance market penetration
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