The IGP certification is incorporated under an independent governing board and is not linked to or restricted by any ARMA International product or service. The IGP certification is awarded solely on an individual's ability to meet the certification requirements.

     An IGP is...

    An Information Governance Professional (IGP) is a person who has earned the only certification that demonstrates he or she has the strategic perspective and the requisite knowledge to help an organization leverage information for maximum value while reducing the costs and mitigating the risks associated with using and governing this important asset. 

    Mission of the IGP Certification Program:

    Provide an information governance credential within an ethical and professional framework to support individuals to deliver organizational value and reduce risk.

    "The skills and experience needed to be successful in the field of Records and Information management have been changing rapidly as we mature and grow into Information Governance. 

    The IGP represents this maturation and next phase for our field by identifying the skills and information professionals need. By earning this credential, I can demonstrate that I have the foundational base necessary to be successful."  -Jason Stearns, IGP

     Why you Should Become an IGP

    • It helps improve the speed of business for your organization.
    • It will help you use information more effectively. 
    • It will help you become more successful, professionally.

     Get Started

    Step 1: Review the IGP Candidate Handbook

    Step 2: Fill out the online application and sign the Code of Ethics

    Application notes:
    *For the ‘Work Experience Summary' section, there is a maximum of four entries allowed.
    *Credit card is the only accepted form of payment at this time.

    Step 3: Sign up for testing date

    Note: You will need to create a MyARMA account to apply. Simply follow the link above for the online application. You do not need to be an ARMA International member to create an account and apply. To request an ADA accommodation, download this form and email or contact Certification Staff, ARMA International, 11880 College Blvd. Ste.450, Overland Park, KS 66210.

     Exam Details

    • Must be completed within two hours and 45 minutes
    • Certification is awarded for a three-year period
    • Application fee of $599 (USD). Certification exam and all program materials are provided in English.


    For questions, please email

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