How do I Ensure I Have Proper Controls Around my Physical Records Inventory? 

    To start, it's important to make sure you're covering all the bases when it comes to your inventory--including ways to (follow the links below for more details):

    Not only is it important to have the tools and workflows in place to know what it is that you are storing, but it is also important to have a credible way to show where it is being stored, proving that it has the proper security protocols in place to comply with requests from regulators and auditors.


    For go-forward inventory, make sure tools are set up to help enforce compliance across your landscape by changing the behavior of your employees, so that only records with appropriate metadata are being added to your inventory.


    For the legacy inventory that’s already in storage, look for a solution that helps map metadata on that inventory to your current retention schedule. This way you have a better handle on what it is that is stored and when you can properly dispose of it.

    Health Check Audits

    What about when auditors come knocking on the door asking for proof of your inventory’s compliance? Are you prepared? To make sure, ask yourself: Do I need a 100% inventory check? If the answer is yes, a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) inventory audit may make sense for you.(see chart below)

    If the answer is no, you may leverage physical scan statistical sampling, using well-proven methodologies for randomly selecting material to confirm security and integrity, and it can be used to demonstrate control of your organization’s population of stored boxes. This type of methodology allows for a large population to be checked quickly with minimal set-up time, ensuring an appropriate sample size that accurately represents the total population of boxes stored.

    Ultimately, in order to determine the level of control over your inventory that is right for you and your business--you need options.

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