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    182 Hours Per Year Down the Drain, Looking For E-mail.

    Every person in your organization spends 182 hours per year looking for lost electronic files. Fix that, and you’ve seriously improved your productivity. To get started, work with your information management professional and your entire compliance team to develop policies and procedures for your electronic information.

    You've come to the right place. We've collected resources, best practices, and case studies to help you better manage the records and information within your organization.


    Choose Your Resources For E-mail Management:





    Guideline for Outsourcing Electronic Records Storage and Disposition

    This guideline provides information to assist organizations in making decisions about outsourcing electronic records storage, retrieval, disposition to third-party providers, and evaluating and selecting a service provider. It covers the secure transmission of data, as well as protection and security of e-records


    Working Collaboratively in an Electronic World

    This guideline examines traditional and virtual work environments and provides guidelines for document sharing, as well as information privacy and security.



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