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    ARMA / Cohasset 2016-2017 Survey White Paper: Transforming Information Management (FREE)

    Feb 24, 2017

    Cohasset Associates and ARMA International are pleased to announce their ninth biennial survey white paper. Since the survey’s launch in 1999, these editions chronicle the practice of Records and Information Management (RIM), and more recently, its advancement to Information Governance (IG).

    This year’s survey results provide up-to-date, authoritative benchmarking metrics on information lifecycle management means and methods, emphasizing electronically stored information (ESI). Drawing on these metrics, this White Paper provides:

    • Measures of the current state of RIM and its on-going transformation to IG.
    • Details on the successes and the obstacles resulting from and impacting effective information lifecycle management.
    • Actions that will enable IG and RIM professionals to respond to today’s information-related, interdisciplinary demands.

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