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    Member Spotlight October 2015: Jon Weston

    Oct 14, 2015

    Introducing Jon WestonJon Weston pic

    We were thrilled to receive the following nomination from Donna Sedlar for ARMA’s member spotlight, featured each month in InfoPro. Here is her message: 

    “I would like to nominate Jon Weston for the Member Spotlight.  I want to emphasize the work that he did on the ARMA Canada Region Team as Chapter Advisor, Marketing & Branding.  Last year Jon, in this new role, managed to bring together PR & Marketing Directors from across Canada via online meetings and conference calls.  Jon created an open venue for brainstorming and helped facilitate sharing of information and ideas resulting in creative concepts we could deliver to our local Chapters. 
    Jon presented some of these results at Leadership during the ARMA Canada conference such as:  sharing speakers (save on travel/hotel costs), increasing visibility (including other professional organizations such as HR, IT, Legal) and building event attendance (through cross promotion).  Our hope is that Jon will be able to generate an online repository of information that will be shared by current and future Directors to help keep our Board volunteers informed and engaged.”

    These attributes make Weston a great fit for the member spotlight, an honor meant to recognize ARMA members’ involvement within the profession and the association. If you would like to network with him, you can contact him on LinkedIn.

    General Information – Jon Weston

    Where do you live and work?

    I live and work in beautiful Victoria, BC, on the west coast of Canada.

    What is your company’s name?

    I work for a software company called File IT Solutions, which is a division of Matthews Store Fixtures and Shelving.

    What is your title?

    Applications Developer, Records Management Specialist

    How many years have you been an ARMA International member?

    Going on 8 years now.

    Have you held any leadership positions within the association?

    I have been president of the Vancouver Island chapter twice and am currently the Marketing and Communications Chapter Advisor for ARMA Canada.

    What do you enjoy most about the information governance profession?

    I enjoy the diversity of work and the different people I have the pleasure of working with. As a software specialist, not only do I get to enjoy moving from project to project and working with different organizations of all kinds, each with their own challenges, software environments, records management protocols, and workflows, but I also enjoy the stability and growth of the long-term relationships we have with our clients. In addition to my software work, my association with ARMA has also brought me speaking and teaching engagements at universities, colleges, local governments, and ARMA events of various kinds.

    Do you or did you have a mentor who has helped you in the information governance or records management profession? If so, how is this relationship important to you?

    My good friend Ken Oldenburger has been my touch-stone for advice for all things ARMA, records management, and in many other ways. He gave me the opportunity to get into this career and introduced me to ARMA, and I am lucky enough to still work with him through ARMA and on records projects.

    Is there an ARMA publication or online course you would recommend to fellow members?

    I have heard very good things about ARMA’s Essentials of RIM online certificate course. Several of my local chapter members have taken it.

    What prompted you initially to join ARMA International?

    I was switching careers into records management and my local chapter needed its website redesigned and I needed some records management training, so we bartered.

    What is your best memory of an ARMA International experience?

    The conferences are great. I’ve been to a bunch of ARMA Canada conferences and only one ARMA International conference (the one in Chicago a couple of years back), and I can’t isolate a single best memory from all of them, much as I try.

    What would you consider to be your career highlight or greatest success (e.g., a project or designation)?

    Without trying to sound too obsequious, I’d say that my experience with ARMA has been the highlight of my career. It’s one thing to have a job and do well at it, but ARMA has expanded my records management career in numerous ways that I never could have planned: it has given me experience on the board of a volunteer organization, public speaking opportunities of all kinds, experience working on a national conference team, involvement in local event and program planning, participation in organizational strategic planning on a national level, and even the opportunity to MC awards shows with a good friend. Speaking of which, the friends I have made locally and across Canada as I’ve done all this are one of the real reasons that I keep coming back – I simply enjoy working with them, and it’s hard to miss the value of what we are doing!

    What advice would you give to someone who is considering information governance as a profession?

    Information governance touches on a lot of areas. I’d advise someone to learn about it, find something that grabs their interest and impacts their organization, and dive in there. Keep learning, be curious, look ahead, look back, and ask for help.

    We asked Jon to share some of his interests besides his work, so we could get to know him better.

    What is your favorite place to visit?

    That’s a tough question. So many places are beautiful in their own way. I’d currently say that my favorite is the islands and waters near Victoria – there are some amazing little nooks to be found for dropping anchor and relaxing.

    What are your hobbies? How do you spend your free time?

    I play hockey, sail, ski, sing in a choral choir with my dad, play guitar, make clever remarks, amuse/annoy my teenage daughters, cook a really mean chicken chow mein, and fix things that may or may not have been broken in the first place. My oldest daughter and I have recently started hitting golf balls around golf courses.

    What is your favorite quote?

    “Always be yourself unless you can be Batman, then you should be Batman.” - Anonymous

    Also, an author named Tom Reiss recently referred to the French government of 1791 as "a collection of caffeinated intellectuals conducting passionate nonstop shouting matches," which is a very nice turn of phrase and doesn’t remind me at all of board meetings –  they are very calm and friendly and usually include cookies.

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