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    Member Spotlight July 2015: Rae Lynn Haliday, CRM

    Jul 15, 2015

    Introducing Rae Lynn Haliday, CRMZRA_2013_rae haliday

    Rae Lynn Haliday, registrar with the Saint Louis Zoo, has been an ARMA International member for 20 years. She has been very active with the St. Louis Chapter of ARMA, serving as its secretary, president, director of programs, and director of Certified Records Managers (CRM).

    “ARMA International and its chapters have always cultivated connectedness and sense of shared mission to elevate the RIM [records and information management] profession,” Haliday said. “It has always been about the people. My relationship with ARMA and its members led me directly to the decisions that allowed me to have the RIM career that I enjoy today.”

    We are pleased to feature Haliday in this month’s Member Spotlight, an honor meant to recognize members’ involvement in the profession and the association. If you’d like to reach out to her, she is on LinkedIn: If you prefer to use e-mail, her address is

    Please provide a brief history of your work experience. What led you to your current position with the Saint Louis Zoo?

    I began working for the San Antonio Zoo during my senior year in high school with the goal of obtaining a degree in biology, working as an animal keeper and eventually becoming a curator. I ended up taking a records management position due to limited openings and realized how much I liked the business side of zoos. Twenty-five years later, I can say that what was then determined to be an interim setback on my career path eventually led me to achieve my Certified Records Manger (CRM) and to complete an MBA [master of business administration degree], both of which have contributed to me having a very satisfying job in records management at the Saint Louis Zoo.

    What prompted you initially to join ARMA International?

    As a young records management professional, I was looking for the education and resources that would help me achieve best practice for RIM in my institution and eventually in my industry. ARMA International provided information on best practices in records management, as well as opportunities for growth and learning. This was lacking in the zoological industry-specific groups at that time in my career. 

    What is your favorite ARMA International experience?

    As the former Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) regent for marketing, public relations, and professional development, I had an amazing opportunity to work with the ARMA International staff to expand our efforts to increase awareness about the CRM credential and to more effectively market these resources to RIM professionals. 

    What would you consider to be your career highlight or greatest success?

    Achieving the CRM designation was a pivotal journey and accomplishment in my RIM career. As an association leader, by far, taking that achievement and using it to help others elevate and transform their own careers and watching them give back to the profession through volunteerism are extremely rewarding.  

    Is there an ARMA publication, course or training session that you recommend to others?  If so, why?

    There are so many great publications, it would be hard to make specific recommendations. I suggest to anyone needing RIM and information governance publications and resources for best practices to always check with ARMA.

    Did you have a mentor who has helped you in the information governance profession? If so, how is this relationship important to you?

    I have many mentors, but three fellow ARMA/ICRM members stand out for me over my 30-year career: Rich Smith, CRM; Deborah Dotson, IGP, CRM, CIP: and Debra K. Gearhart, CRM, FAI. Rich and Deb Dotson were working in large St. Louis-based corporations, and Deb was president of the St. Louis Chapter of ARMA when I met her in 1995. She encouraged me to run for the open secretary position on the St. Louis Chapter board. Later, both of these individuals would serve as my proctors as I took the CRM exam.

    Debra Gearhart encouraged my involvement in the ICRM, which led to me accepting an appointed role as the ICRM regent for marketing, public relations, and professional development in 2008. I served in that role for just under four years. As the current ICRM president, I owe significant thanks to Rich, Deb, and Debra, as well as so many other CRMs and RIM colleagues and friends. They supported me in my own career and gave me the skills I needed to mentor and develop others.

    What do you enjoy most about the information governance industry?

    I enjoy the challenges and variety inherent to a career in the RIM profession; the emergence of information governance brings RIM full circle with a C-level position at the top of the RIM career pyramid. This milestone escalates the profession. The Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles®, which promote information governance, provide another significant step for the RIM profession to achieve the long-sought after recognition as an occupational classification by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. When that happens, positions can be standardized and elevated nationally, and awareness of the importance of RIM-related education and professional credentialing can then be raised at the employer level. Professional RIM certification can become an employer-driven requirement in relevant positions. As academic programs increase, there will be a more sufficient supply of RIM-educated and credentialed professionals to meet workplace demand. It’s exciting to think about being a part of that evolution.

    What advice would you give to someone who is considering information governance as a profession?

    I have two recommendations. 1) Join and get involved in ARMA International and the relevant city chapter. 

    2) Complete your professional certifications as soon as possible to ensure maximum return on investment.

    Is there an industry tip or best practice you’d like to share?  

    Support professional certification in RIM and IG because it not only elevates you as a professional, it ensures our profession stands the test of time and remains valuable. We are all stakeholders in that process. Never lose sight of the importance of ARMA International and its chapters. ARMA connects us to our professional roots and allows us to build the long-term friendships and extensive network that continue to be developed through this tremendous extended family.

    Rae Lynn keeps busy with her career and being an active ARMA member. However, she does carve out time for relaxing and traveling. Here are some of her hobbies and interests.

    My hobbies have evolved over time. Singing was always a huge part of my life but, like all good things, that has passed. What I enjoy the most outside my career are my sons and those special people I want to spend time with in my life.  

    What is your favorite place to visit?

    I love Canada. Canadians have a solid commitment to preserve their natural resources. It shows in everything they do.

    What are your favorite movies (list up to three)?

    Lonesome Dove


    A Few Good Men

    What are your favorite songs (list up to three)?

    Unchained Melody


    Hotel California

    What is your favorite quote?

    “Control your own destiny or someone else will.” —Jack Welch

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