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    AIEF: Call for Nominations for Board of Trustee Positions

    Mar 18, 2015

    ARMA International Educational Foundation (AIEF) is looking to fill four (4) Trustee vacancies on its Board of Trustees (board) effective July 1, 2015.  If interested, please submit an application for candidacy in accordance with the instructions provided in the Board Candidacy Submission Requirements.

    The deadline for submissions is April 17, 2015 and should be sent to

    Members of the Board direct and inspire AIEF through written policies that reflect the Board’s values and perspectives.  The Board has a fiduciary obligation to AIEF donors and its scholars and researchers.  This is a position of trust, which requires that Board members always act in the best interest of the Foundation.  Board of Trustee criteria:


    • Uphold and promote the mission and core purpose of AIEF.
    • Govern with outward vision and strategic leadership.
    • Monitor and promote AIEF's scholarship, research, and fundraising programs.
    • Promote Information Governance as a profession.
    • Think strategically and globally.
    • Articulate and advocate for AIEF.
    • Support all Board approved decisions.


    • An active, engaged member of the Information Governance community for a continuous three year period prior to candidacy; or
    • Served in a Foundation role for a minimum of two years.

    Skills and Knowledge:

    • Experience in marketing, research and fundraising.
    • Awareness and appreciation of international Information Governance issues.
    • Prior demonstrated leadership experience, such as serving on a board or committee, either work related or as a volunteer.
    • Experience in budgeting and forecasting.

    Board Term:

    • Term will be July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2017.
    • Trustees are eligible to serve up to three 2-year terms. 

    The Board meets monthly via conference call and at least once a year in person. Successfully appointed candidates will be invited to participate in the May and June 2015 Board conference calls for mentoring purposes. In addition, Board members will be involved, in various capacities, with AIEF Committees. 

    Board Candidacy Submission Requirements:

    • Submit a current resume along with a letter from your employer, if applicable, indicating support of your time commitment as an AIEF Board member. 
    • Provide a written response to the following questions:
      • Why do you want to serve as an AIEF Board of Trustee member?
      • What strengths and skills will you bring to the Board?
      • How can AIEF support the RIM/IG profession/professionals through scholarships and research?
      • In what areas should AIEF expand its activities?
      • From what sources can AIEF build funding streams to support its vision, mission, and core purpose?

    The AIEF Trustee Search Committee will review submissions, and those who meet all qualifications will be interviewed via conference call prior to the final slate of candidates being presented to the Board of Trustees.

    Know someone who would make a great addition to the Board and meets the stated qualifications?  Submit their name, email address, and phone number to by April 3, 2015.

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