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    From the President: March 2014

    Mar 19, 2014

    Is it March already? The first quarter of the year is almost gone, and many of us are still struggling to get our plans for the year in place!  Do you know what RIM and IG projects you’re going to take on this year?  How about plans for next year and the year after?  If you’re like many organizations, you may find yourself putting out IG fires rather than following a strategy for IG fire prevention.

    Last month ARMA International's CEO, Marilyn Bier, shared the exciting news about the launch of the Information Governance Assessment – a web-based IG maturity assessment tool based on The Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles® and its Information Governance Maturity Model. If you haven’t taken a few minutes to check it out, I strongly encourage you to do so. It may be exactly the thing you need to move from reactive firefighting to planning fire prevention.

    Before I sign off, last time I wrote to you in InfoPro, I asked if you’d share what it is that “geeks you out” about your job. A big thanks to all who wrote and shared. I’d like to highlight just a few of those responses here. It’s great to read what it is that makes this profession so engaging!

    From an IG Consultant based in London, UK: 

    • The buzz of having to think on your feet with a new client and a new problem!

    From Joy Thomas, City of Fredericton, NB:

    • I get the most “geeked out” when someone comes to me, looking for a record, with no dates or specific ideas of what they are looking for, but they need everything on that subject, because an issue has arisen.  So, I take a few vague comments, dates or whatever the requestor can give me and start digging.  I love the “thrill of the hunt,” reading the old documents and, typically, I come up with some records.  The requestor looks at me as if I just walked on water. They are surprised I could even find something on that topic. 

    From a Librarian and RM from Norfolk, VA:

    • I have spent my entire Records Management career, "diving into a huge, disorganized ocean of information on a search-and-rescue mission" with great success. We now have an online database of more than 200,000 fully searchable (more than 40 standardized metadata fields, full .pdf searching, associated Federal Records Center information, associated litigation information) records. Additionally, we provide the public with the ability to search online the records they are entitled to view/download. More documents are added every day. My other passion is, "simply delivering outstanding customer service". As a librarian, I pride myself on being able to find complete and full answers to questions or all the information (subject, person, event, action, etc.) a customer needs.  Need a 'pink elephant' - give me a call!

    Julie Colgan, President

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