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    Letter from the President: November 2013

    Nov 21, 2013

    During my opening remarks at ARMA’s annual conference and expo last month in lively Las Vegas, a couple of folks in the Twitterverse challenged me a little during my opening remarks--and I think they hit on something important.

    In case you weren’t there, in my opening remarks to conference attendees I presented four words that I asked each attendee to keep front-of-mind to help ensure they got the most from the ARMA experience. Those four words were:

    • Evolution :Our profession is evolving in response to dramatic shifts in the information environment and economy--and as professionals we must also evolve to meet the challenges of today, and tomorrow.
    • Innovation: Don’t ignore those “hmmm” moments when you think something or some approach may not be right.  Tune into it. Let it inspire boldness in you. Let it help you imagine new ways to solve problems old and new alike.
    • Leadership: Step up and lead. There is a HUMONGOUS opportunity for new leaders to emerge.  Don’t wait for formal authority. People will follow if your mind and heart are engaged. Empower yourself and those around you to take charge. Gandhi did it, so can you!
    • Action: DO SOMETHING!  Start somewhere; accomplish an objective. Don’t wait for the time to be “right” – right now is the right time!

    In response to those comments, but especially the first one, I received the following tweets:



    I also believe that RIM needs a revolution, but in order to get there, we first need the professionals in the space to be ready to revolt. No revolution would ever be successful with only one person battling. So in response, I replied with:


    The fact is folks, whether you are reading this as a records manager, an email administrator, a lawyer or information privacy specialist, there has never – ever – been a better, more ripe or critical time in history for us to rise up and revolt against management constructs that simply have no place in today’s (and tomorrow’s) information-driven world.

    We can no longer remain quiet in our silos of distinct disciplines. It is time for us all to come together, to bring the fruits of our collective labor to bear, in order to truly govern information as it should be governed. 

    This revolution needs all of us. Are you in?

    -President, Julie Colgan

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