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    ibml’s Intelligent Capture Solution Recognized as the

    Aug 28, 2015
    BIRMINGHAM, AL, August 25, 2015 – ibml, a leader in information capture solutions for the enterprise, today announced that its ImageTracDS 1085 intelligent capture solution has earned a Summer “Pick” Award from Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) in the A3 Mid-Volume Production Scanner category. The ImageTracDS 1085 achieved high scores in BLI’s tests for reliability, image quality, productivity, capture software options, optical
    character recognition (OCR) performance, ease of user maintenance and more.

    BLI is the world’s leading independent product evaluator specializing in the imaging and content management industries, and their product analysts recently performed a thorough evaluation of the performance and capabilities of the ImageTracDS 1085 operated by ibml’s SoftTrac® Capture Suite. The scanner earned a “Highly Recommended” rating from the BLI analysts who highlighted the ImageTracDS
    1085’s advanced sorting capabilities, dual output trays, left-justified document feeder, and faster-thanaverage scan speeds in their report.

    “We are honored that the ImageTracDS 1085 has been chosen as the Outstanding A3 Mid-Volume Production Scanner ‘Pick’ award winner by Buyers Laboratory,” said ibml Chief Marketing Officer Dan Lucarini. “ibml is passionate about helping our customers to accelerate the delivery of high quality images and information to downstream systems and processes. With the ImageTracDS 1085 and SoftTrac Capture Suite, our
    customers improve the efficiency of their scanning and document capture processes, while improving control of mission-critical content. Winning BLI’s Summer ‘Pick’ Award further validates the value of our solutionsoriented offering.”

    A complement to ibml’s family of high speed production scanners, the ImageTracDS 1085 offers a host of features not found on other scanners in its class, including dual output trays to aid in post-scan sorting, and left-justified feeding to remove the hassles of batch preparation. ibml also offers a variety of optional software bundles that help document-intensive capture environments sort, classify, validate, extract and
    route content. The ImageTracDS 1085 processes 85 pages-per-minute (170 images per minute), making it ideal for mid-volume document capture applications.
    Real world solutions Organizations in a range of industries are achieving exceptional results with the ImageTracDS 1085 and ibml capture software:

    • United Acceptance, Inc. – UAI purchases Retail Installment Contracts from auto dealerships that have a “buy here, pay here” operation. Deploying the ImageTracDS 1085 with ibml’s SoftTrac Capture Suite software has enabled UAI to reduce staff 50 percent due to automated document classification and auditing, deliver images and data downstream in a fraction of the time it previously took the financial services company, and eliminate a 3 ½ month backlog of loans.

    • United Bankshares – Ranked among the top 50 U.S. banks, United uses the ImageTracDS 1085 and ibml’s SoftTrac Capture Suite with Synergetics to process paper documents for 15 loan types, including car loans, mortgages, and commercial loans. The size of the loan package varies from 10 pages to 1,000 pages or more, depending on the loan type. The bank is achieving 80 percent faster image capture
    cycle times due to the ImageTracDS 1085’s superior handling of intermixed document size and types and the quality images it produces. ibml’s Intelligent Capture Solution Recognized as the Outstanding Product in its Class ImageTracDS 1085 Wins Summer “Pick” Award from Buyers Laboratory LLC
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