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    Registration Open for New Free CRM-Credit-Approved Records Management Webinar Class This Week at Records Management University

    Apr 30, 2015

    MAY 1, 2015 / FORT WASHINGTON PA: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  |  The Records Management University Free Webinar Series announced today that registration is now open for this semester's last CRM credit-approved RM-U WebClass, "Transparency vs. Privacy: The Great Records Management Collision", which will be held on Tuesday May 5 at 2pm ET / 11am PT.

    The class will discues critical Records Management Privacy issues such as resolving when an individual's right to privacy collides with society's right to know and what Records Managers are to do with the spread of ephemeral 'disappearing' messaging and email services like Snapchat and PlutoMail.

    All Records Management University classes - past and upcoming - are pre-approved for CRM Certification Maintenance Credits (CMP) from the Institute of Certified Records Managers! You can earn up to 7 credits by attending this class, or viewing the session (and all six previous classes) on-demand. Register to gain access to the entire library.                                                              

    Info and Registration:

    Class Details:

    ✔  Transparency vs. Privacy: The Great Records Management Collision

    • Date:  Tuesday May 5 at 2pm ET / 11am PT
    • Location:  From the comfort of your office or desk
    • Credits: Each Session Pre-Approved for 1.0 ICRM Certification Maintenance Credits (CMP)
    • Fee: FREE
    • Class Description: Lately, the world has been exposed to the stories of the severe and significant - and public - fails in Records Management in the news such as privacy scandals at Target Stores, Sony Pictures, Lois Lerner and the IRS, and of course Hilary Clinton's Emailgate, the latest in a long line. But Records Managers have known for a very long time what the dangers on the road ahead - and behind - are. But now we're living in an era where individuals, both those in charge and those with boots on the ground, want to decide what is a Record and what is personal and private. Just ask Secretary Clinton. And in ephemeral the age of Snapchat, and 'disappearing email' services like PlutoMail and Privnote, not only do you need to question what is a record, but when does it become one and how do you capture the fleeting? The public and the legal system want us to exist in a world of transparency while we're striking the balance of privacy. Is everything public? Is privacy a myth? Is transparency too intrusive? Join us for this Graduate-Level RM-U class and we'll discuss exactly where we are in Records Management when an individual's right to privacy collides with society's right to know..

    What Is RM-U?

    RM-U is a series of Records Management education classes on topics such as the latest news, innovations, best practices, and new technology in Records Management today. The sessions, presented by Dean of RM-U Mitch Farbstein, are free, and available online only. (con’t)

    Each class lasts about an hour, and will focus on a different Records Management topic each session under the main topic storyline. Each session is different, and you can choose to attend all sessions or just select ones you're most interested in. You do not have to have attended any previous session to attend any future session. (But if you register, you may access recordings of any previous session.)

    Is the time inconvenient? No problem. If you register now (even if you cannot make the class live), you will receive information on how to view the event's on-demand recording after the session is complete... even past sessions.

    Who Should Register?

    This course is open to all interested parties and all experience levels:

    • Records Managers
    • Records Management Department Personnel
    • Executives and Supervisors who Administer RM Departments
    • Anyone who works with their Organization's RM Department
    • Anyone who submits Records to their Organization's RM Department
    • Anyone interested in Records Management
    • Experts, Beginners, and all skill levels

    Subjects Covered

    • Email RMA and The Capstone Initiative
    • E-Content
    • Auto-Categorization
    • SharePoint and Legacy Integration
    • Getting Started and Eating the Elephant
    • Buy-In and Culture Change
    • Case Management and FOIA/Redaction
    • Security in a Insecure Online World
    • DoD 5015.2, and its Importance Even If You Aren't In Government
    • Timeframe for Implementation
    • The Presidential Memorandum on Managing Government Records
    •  The Importance of NARA (Capstone, IRA, and more)
    •  Centralized vs Decentralized RMA
    • Public and Private Cloud Considerations
    • and more

    For questions or media requests, please contact directly.

    Michael Hochman

    Records Management University at Feith


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