Visual Presentation

    To ensure ARMA International education courses are valuable learning experiences. We encourage minimal use of PowerPoint slides and support interactivity with the participants.

    If you should use PowerPoint (PPT), these guidelines and examples will help ensure the readability of your presentation, as well as provide a uniform visual identity for all ARMA International education programs.

    You must use the official ARMA International PPT template (download and save to your computer).

    If you are facilitating a Rapid Fire session, you must use the official ARMA International Rapid Fire template (download and save to your computer).

    If you need assistance in creating an engaging PPT presentation, please contact Kristina Franz.

    Before creating your presentation, review the guidelines below.

    How to Submit
    All presentation files must be uploaded to the ARMA International website at (instructions coming soon) rather than submitting them via e-mail, CD-ROM, or USB drive.

    Guidelines for ARMA International PowerPoint Presentations
    ARMA International provides the following slide templates:

    • Title
    • Learning Objectives
    • Introduction
    • Main content
    • Ending slide (call for evaluations)

    Text Format

    • At least 24 point font; 30 point is preferable. 
    • Use consistently throughout the presentation. (Floor test. Place your printed version on the floor. If you can’t read it standing up, the font is too small.
    • Left align all text.
    • Use succinct phrases instead of sentences.
    • Ensure headlines and subheads at each level are consistently the same size and typeface.
    • Margins should be at least one-inch.


    • Headlines: 40 point Arial/Verdana/Tahoma bold.
    • Subheads: 24 to 36 point Arial/Verdana/Tahoma bold.
    • Text font: 24 point Arial/Verdana/Tahoma.
    • Complex fonts such as scripts are sometimes difficult to read and should not be used.
    • DO NOT use ALL CAPS or italic fonts.


    • Dark-colored lettering on a light background (or vice versa) works best.
    • Contrast between the lettering and the background makes your presentation easy to read.
    • You may not alter the official background color of the master slides.


    • Use charts, graphs, or diagrams to convey complicated information.
    • Use graphics only if they enhance your message.
    • Images should be sized to approximately 600 x 800 pixels, in .jpg or .gif format, and accompanied by the appropriate copyright permission.

    General Guidelines

    • Limit each slide to one idea.
    • Don’t use slides you know people can’t read.
    • Limit animation.
    • Proofread and spell check.

    Guidelines for Program Delivery

    • Be prepared to deliver your education program without the benefit of technology.
    • Don’t use your PPT slides as a teleprompter. Participants can read your slides faster than you can read it to them. 
    • Emphasize information you want the participants to remember.
    • Engage the participants with questions to stimulate participation.
    • Use a laser or mouse pointer to direct attention to a specific place on the screen.


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