Learning Material Guidelines


    To ensure ARMA International education courses are valuable learning experiences. We encourage minimal use of PowerPoint slides and support interactivity with the participants.

    If you should use PowerPoint (PPT), these guidelines and examples will help ensure the readability of your presentation, as well as provide a uniform visual identity for all ARMA International education programs.

    Below are your PPT choices. Please download and save to your computer :

    Job Aids and Handouts

    Participants expect facilitators to provide useful, well-prepared handouts. Even with exceptional content, seasoned facilitators can get negative evaluations due to poorly designed or unreadable handouts, or handouts that do not match the education program.

    Job aids help participants by providing quick access to information or directions after attending the training. A job aid can be consulted quickly, as needed, and provide concise information that helps the user complete a task correctly or make an informed decision.

    Below are your job aid template choices. Please download and save to your computer:


    Before creating your materials, review the guidelines below:

    How to Submit

    All presentation files must be uploaded to the ARMA International website through your My Ready Room online rather than submitting them via e-mail, CD-ROM, or USB drive.

    If you need assistance in creating an engaging PPT presentation, please contact Kristina Franz.
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