Information Governance Certifications

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    Certified Records Manager

    In the records and information management profession the primary certification is the Certified Records Manager (CRM). The CRM is designed for experienced professionals with management-level responsibilities. ARMA International has contracted with the Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) to be its certifying body for records managers.

    The only specialty records management certification to date is that of nuclear information records management, which ICRM administers on behalf of the Nuclear Information Records Management Association (NIRMA). Candidates for this specialization first take the core CRM exam. Upon successful completion of an additional exam portion, the candidate receives the CRM/NS (nuclear specialist) designation.

    The ICRM has mapped the CRM examination to ARMA International's Core Competencies and has found that the overlap is almost total.

    Additional details about RIM certification, along with a list of study materials, are available at the ICRM Web site:

    What are the benefits of certification?
    Individuals who pursue professional certification can expect to experience a number of benefits as a result of their efforts. CRMs and CRM candidates cite the following as reasons for pursuing certification:

    1. Additional knowledge gained through the certification process
    2. Tangible documentation of their knowledge and experience
    3. Enhanced professionalism and personal growth
    4. Increased self-confidence in solving RIM problems
    5. Potential for increased job responsibility with commensurate salary benefits.

    Resources from ARMA International

    ARMA International has created specially priced packages of recommended resources to help those of you who are studying for the Certified Records Manager (CRM) exam.

    ARMA International CRM Study Packs:

    CRM candidates (or potential candidates) should also consider enrolling in ARMA International’s online Essentials of RIM Certificate Program; completing this program will help establish a great foundation for passing parts 1-5.

    Finally, visit the Institute of Certified Records Manager’s website for additional resources that will help you prepare for the exam.

    Purchasing courses, publications, or other resources from ARMA International does not automatically guarantee successfully passing any certification examination. Candidates should evaluate the scope of each certification examination carefully and determine the best course of action for that candidate's unique situation.

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