Essentials of Information Governance Certificate

    More and more organizations are transitioning from traditional information management to an emphasis on information governance (IG). As a result, professionals who exhibit skills and knowledge in IG are advancing their careers and the well-being of their organizations accordingly. 

    ARMA International has developed the Essentials of Information Governance Certificate to help professionals build the knowledge and skills they need to transition into more strategic, collaborative roles in their organizations. The certificate program is comprised of four days of engaging, interactive instruction, delivered by experts with hands-on experience in the IG field.

    A successful IG program must treat information as the organizational asset that it is. The business requirements and the risks must be analyzed from several key perspectives—namely, RIM, IT, legal, compliance, privacy, and security. Within this holistic context, the first two days focus largely on how to use the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles® and the IG Maturity Model (IGMM) to identify and address business-related and risk-related gaps so that you can implement an IG program that the key stakeholders will support. The third day focuses on the types of management—and change management—skills an IG professional must have in order to move the organization’s IG goals forward. The last day consists of ARMA International’s IGP preparatory workshop, which previews what candidates will encounter on the road to attaining the IGP certification.


    • Familiarity with the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles®
    • A moderate understanding of information governance
    • A management, strategic skill level

    Target Audience:

    This program is designed for senior management professionals who are transitioning their careers and organizations to holistic information governance – such as records managers and administrators, compliance officers, paralegals, auditors, privacy and information security professionals, and more. (ARMA Core Competencies Level 4)

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