Essentials of Enterprise Search Certificate

    The explosion in the volume of ESI and the scattered nature of its sources and repositories are making e-discovery very challenging. Many organizations can benefit by establishing the role of a search specialist who is dedicated to finding the content that’s required for investigations, litigation, and regulatory inquiries.

    In this three-hour certificate course, you will learn about the types of skills and backgrounds conducive to the role; questions to ask in preparation for the search; how to set expectations and communicate efficiently with stakeholders; the pros and cons of certain technologies and search methodologies; how the search specialist affects the legal hold process; and much more. The course also takes you through a case-study scenario to practice applying the information it contains. 

    Learning Objectives:
    Upon completion of this certificate program, you will be able to:

    1. Analyze the various elements of the IT infrastructure and identify the types and locations of information assets within the scope of the search
    2. Explain the capabilities and limitations of search technologies and apply the best search methodology based on the targeted data set, repository, and desired result
    3. Describe the "hold everything" strategy and its negative consequences focus
    4. Summarize a process for assuring a successful legal hold focus
    5. Explain the impact of certain technologies on the search process and describe the ways a legal strategy can impact the search process focus
    6. Identify key stakeholders and their roles in the search process
    7. List the benefits to the organization of the search specialist role
    8. Summarize the role and value of a checklist in the search process

    Target Audience:

    This program is designed for information management professionals and other individuals involved in leveraging information for both business and litigation support purposes. These include RIM professionals, paralegals, risk managers, IT specialists, and administrators. (ARMA Core Competencies Level 3)

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