Cybersecurity Employee Training Tips

    May 27, 2015

    Hackers prey on the most vulnerable links in your company’s security – your employees. That’s why they use phishing e-mails, which are malware-laden messages that appear harmless to the untrained employee’s eye. It’s imperative for organizations to train their employees in the best cybersecurity practices. Entrust, an identity-based security solution provider, suggested these following basic practices for all employees:

    • Avoid any e-mail that asks for username/password information – even if it’s on their personal devise. Connecting an infected personal device to the company network can infect other devices on the network. No legitimate service or website will ask users to transmit sensitive, account-related data over e-mail. Make it clear that employees should enter sensitive data only on sites that have been administratively vetted or after consulting with IT.
    • Have open discussions about cybersecurity around the office. The most important step to getting people to be proactive about an issue is to promote awareness about it. Just setting aside five to 10 minutes at a company-wide meeting to discuss new and emerging threats and to share computing tips from the IT team can make a huge difference.


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