Companies Need a Proactive IG Approach

    Jan 21, 2014

    A recent study by Recommind found that businesses in the United States and United Kingdom depend too much on employees to self-manage data. In the United Kingdom, 49% rely on users to self-categorize information; in the United States that number is 52%. This over-reliance on employee-based governance is giving organizations a false sense of security, says Dean Gonsowski, global head of information governance (IG) at Recommind.

    “While it’s positive that organizations recognize the need for information governance, many are still not taking the requisite steps to truly govern their information in a proactive manner. In fact, many are still in the dark about governance and don’t have a full sense of the data deluge they are currently facing,” asserted Gonsowski. 

    Attorney David Horrigan, an IG analyst at 451 Research, urges businesses to move to an automated process that “manages all enterprise information and ensures the right data – and only the right data – is kept for legal, regulatory and business requirements.”

    “Not having a proactive IG policy leaves companies open to substantial fines, litigation risk, security breaches and compliance issues. This research shows that there are still too many organizations exposed to these unnecessary risks,” says Horrigan.

    ARMA International offers a broad spectrum of resources for organizations that want to implement or improve an IG program, including The Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles® (Principles), the Information Governance Maturity Model, and online education, all of which can be accessed from the Principles section of its website.

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