Multinational Companies to Benefit from Argentina Privacy Law Changes

    Jan 10, 2017

    Companies doing business in Argentina will find it easier to legally transfer personal data out of the country as a result of a November 2016 regulation being implemented in that country, according to an online report in Bloomberg BNA on December 27. The report highlights how the recent issuance of model contract clauses as part of the regulation will simplify and expedite the flow of corporate data with overseas companies seeking to outsource online functions and services.

    In addition to establishing a model form for international transfer to a data controller, the new regulation lists countries that are recognized for having an adequate level privacy and data protection by the European Union (EU). The article notes that Argentina’s data protection legal regime is certified by the EU as providing an adequate level of protection for data transferred out of the EU, which has helped Argentina attract businesses seeking to off-shore customer support and telemarketing services and back-office functions. Therefore, the model contract clauses being implemented by Argentina’s Personal Data Protection Agency will make it easier to do business with both European and U.S. companies.

    “Having a definite set of contract clauses means that simply by filling out a form, you know that you are within the parameters of legal requirements,” the article quotes Pablo Palazzi, a privacy and security partner at Allende and Breap in Buenos Aires.

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