LINC (Linking International Communities)

    LINC is an international exchange program designed to facilitate global outreach to information management  and archival practitioners outside of North America and Europe.

    How does LINC work?

    Information management practitioners located outside North America and Europe can partner with an ARMA International chapter or region and nominate themselves to have their ARMA International membership sponsored for one year. In exchange, sponsored members agree to write, during the course of their one-year membership, two brief articles about information management issues in their experience or country that can be published by their sponsor.

    Who is eligible?

    Anyone responsible for archival records and/or information management is eligible to nominate themselves for the exchange if they meet the following criteria. Nominees must

    • Reside outside of North America and Europe
    • Be a RIM practitioner at some level, rather than a student
    • Be business proficient in English
    • Have access to an e-mail account by which to send and receive communications
    • Be willing to submit a 300-word statement to the potential sponsor outlining why the membership would be useful to them
    • Be willing to provide at least two additional articles for chapter/region/association use during the year of LINC membership

    What is the process?

    1. Applicants must submit an application to ARMA headquarters to begin the process.
    2. Applicants will receive an e-mail requesting a 300-word statement on "What ARMA Membership Would Mean to Me" within 30 days.
    3. Essays should be sent to
    4. Nominee information and statements will be sent on to participating chapters and regions upon their request.
    5. The chapter/region will then notify the nominee that he or she has been chosen, and will work directly with the new international member to collect their two brief articles for publication.
    6. The sponsoring chapter/region will submit membership fees to ARMA headquarters within 30 days so member benefits can begin.
    7. If not selected, the candidate's information will remain in the applicant database to be sent to other potential sponsors for consideration.
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