ARMA International has an more than 27,000 members in more than 30 countries. We are colleagues, friends, and comrades in our efforts to manage information within our organizations. We strive to support, encourage, challenge, and educate each other in the area of records management. Through our international network, professionals are able to share ideas and skills, and to learn from each other.

    How "International" is ARMA?
    Nearly 20% of all ARMA International members reside outside of the United States. Our Canadian, European and International Regions are represented on the board of directors. In addition to supporting and partnering on programming around the world, we also participate in the ISO Standard process and distribute a Global Policy Brief to our members. 

    What "International" events take place?
    Every year ARMA conducts an international conference. Many of our international members attend our annual conference each year. We are currently looking into opportunities to host and support several international events. Please check our calendar frequently to see upcoming opportunities.

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