Feith’s RMA iQ is a fully-integrated, fully-automated DoD 5015.2-certified Records Management solution that ensures all records are acquired, administered, and disposed of based on your rules, regulations, and retention schedules. With RMA iQ, and Feith’s Analyze iQ Auto-Categorization tool, you can securely and simply handle all processes to collect, index, archive, and dispose of electronic records, integrate seamlessly with legacy applications, comply with email storage rules, examine archived messages online, and audit the message retention system.



    IBM Information Lifecycle Governance

    IBM Information Lifecycle Governance provides holistically integrated, modular governance solutions that perform data assessment and cleanup for reduced risk and cost, curate information for big data projects, optimize eDiscovery and perform early case assessments, apply policy consistently across the organization, archiveand defensibly dispose of valuable and risky data, and retain and manage records.

    These solutions enable legal, IT, records, and line of business to more effectively:

    Understand Data to Understand Risk
    -- any data, anywhere
    Turn Volume Into Relevance -- streamline data initiatives, reduce risk
    Act on Data In-Place -- identify, analyze, collect, export, move, hold

    Leveraging the fabric of our information governance foundation to optimize your existing legal, records, compliance and IT processes, IBM Information Lifecycle Governance solutions enable customers to manage enterprise information by its business value, comply more efficiently with litigation and regulatory mandates, and defensibly dispose of information that no longer has value or preservation requirements.


    Iron Mountain

    Iron Mountain provides solutions for records management, data backup and recovery, document management, secure shredding, and data centers.


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