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RIM Certfication / Certificate Reimbursement Scholarship

$500 one time reimbursements. No past awardees can reapply. To Be eligible, applicants must have successfully completed a RIM certificate/ certification after January 1, 2014.

Reimbursements will be for successful completion of RIM related certificates or certifications including, but not limited to, the IGP certification and the CRM certification. Applicants may be college students or RIM professionals looking to enhance their educational or professional standing.

Weight will be given to applicants who are applying for reimbursement for their first professional certification. Weight will also be given to applications for certification reimbursement over those for certificate program reimbursements.

Awardees must submit actual expenses for reimbursement from the AIEF. Awardees would also agree to submit a photo and a brief description of the certificate or certification achieved and how it impacted them professionally or as a student.

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