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POL3-027 Exhibit A

Confidentiality Pledge


               The Member recognizes and acknowledges that non-public information or materials relating to the business affairs of ARMA International, its business partners, and members including, but not limited to, compensation data, customer lists, financial information, marketing strategies, new materials research, pending projects and proposals, proprietary production processes, and research and development strategies are valuable, special and unique assets of ARMA International's business (“Confidential Information”). 


               The Member further acknowledges that this Confidential Information qualifies as ARMA International’s trade secrets which are a valuable, special and unique asset of ARMA International and that access to and knowledge of the Confidential Information is essential to the performance of his/her duties as a Board (Task Force) Member of ARMA International.  In light of the competitive nature of the business in which ARMA International is engaged, the Member agrees that he/she will maintain the strict confidentiality of all Confidential Information known or obtained to which he/she has access in connection with his/her Board (Task Force) service with ARMA International and that he/she will not make use of any Confidential Information for his/her own purposes or for the direct or indirect benefit of any person or entity other than ARMA International, without the express written consent of ARMA International.  The agreements contained in this paragraph apply both during, and after, the Member’s term as a director (Task Force member) of ARMA International has ended.


               ARMA International reserves the right to seek injunctive and/or other relief in a court of competent jurisdiction to address any violations or threatened violations of this Confidentiality Pledge.








I, ______________________________, have received and reviewed ARMA International’s Confidentiality Policy.  I have read this policy, understand its content, and agree to abide by its terms.   



               I further agree to abide by ARMA International’s Confidentiality Pledge as set forth in ARMA International’s Confidentiality Policy (POL 3-027).




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