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SECTION: General Administration


POL 3-016 Pr

Recognition awards program


Effective date: July 1, 2009

Approval date: May 3, 2009

Last revised: January 10, 2011

Cancelled date: 

Reference:  BD 09/1991, 03/1993, 10/1995, 10/1997, 03/1998, 04/2002, 10/2006

Cross reference:




A task force will be created to manage the processes associated with the annual awards program.


Composition of task force


President (task force leader)

President-Elect (optional)

A representative from Member Services at headquarters (staff liaison)

Minimum five (5) but not more than seven (7) members representative of the ARMA Regions.  No more than one representative from each Region.


NOTE:  The President will be the Immediate Past President when the awards are conferred.

Responsibilities of the task force


1.                   Receive and evaluate awards submissions based on the awards categories defined by the Board of Directors. 


2.                   Determine awards recipients based on the criteria defined for each awards category by the Board of Directors.


3.                   Preside over the annual awards event and present the awards to the recipients at the Annual Conference, ensuring that each individual or group is recognized appropriately.


Timeline for Awards Process


The processes associated with the awards program are time sensitive.  Staff liaison will assist the task force by creating an annual timeline that defines due dates for each step in the process below, and ensure that each step is completed in a timely manner.  Critical deadlines will include:


1.                   communicating deadlines for nominations to chapters and members


2.                   receiving nominations from chapters and members


3.                   receiving required information from awards nominees


4.                   scheduling conference calls and other meetings to evaluate nominations


5.                   scheduling due dates for scoring all entries


6.                   placing orders for awards


7.                   planning, coordinating, and managing the awards event at conference


8.                   distributing results to the chapters after the conference


9.                   ensuring proper recognition on the ARMA International website.



In addition to the President, judges will include:


1.                   At least five, but no more than seven, member representatives from among ARMA’s Regions. 

2.                   No more than one representative will come from each region.

3.                   Judges will serve for one year, but one judge will serve for an additional year to provide continuity for the next year’s awards program.

4.                   Serving a partial term is the same as serving a full term.

5.                   Vacancies among the judges are filled by appointment by the President with no ratification required.

6.                   The President may replace any judge for failure to perform tasks as assigned.

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