ARMA InternationalARMA International Governance Current Policies and Procedures



SECTION: General Administration


POL 1-019

Chief Executive Officer Compensation


Effective date: June 29, 2012

Approval date: June 29, 2012

Last revised: July 1, 2009

Cancelled date: 

Reference: Bylaw VII, Sec.5

Cross reference: POL 1-006, Consumer Price Index,





 The  Board of Directors will evaluate the performance of the Association Chief Executive Officer (CEO)  and make appropriate adjustments in compensation, updates as needed to the CEO’s employment contract and job description, and establish performance goals and objectives. 





1.                The performance of the CEO will be evaluated on an annual basis against the goals and objectives established at the previous year’s evaluation.


2.                Adjustments to compensation, if any, will be determined.


3.                The Board will discuss the CEO’s performance at executive session.


4.                The employment contract will be reviewed and updated as necessary beginning six months prior to the termination date of the existing contract.


5.                The job description will be reviewed annually and updated, as necessary.


6.                An independent legal counsel specializing in human resources and benefits administration will be retained to provide advice on legal matters relating to the employment contract and job description.


7.            An external consulting organization specializing in human resources and benefits administration will be retained to assist with the annual performance evaluation process, and to conduct research and provide guidance regarding changes to compensation.



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