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SECTION:  Governing Body


POL 1-009

Nomination and appointment - Outside Directors


Effective date: June 15, 2015

Approval date: June 15, 2015

Last revised: September 22,2012

Cancelled date:

Reference: Bylaws Article V Section 1, 3

Cross reference:





Two outside directors are nominated and appointed by the Board of Directors of ARMA International, as prescribed in the association bylaws. However, the board can modify the composition and number of outside directors from time to time as deemed necessary.





1.                The outside directors will not be members of ARMA International.


2.                The outside directors will offer an “outside” perspective to board discussions.


3.                Outside directors are selected to serve a one year term of office, with the possibility of up to two additional one year term re-appointments (maximum of three one-year terms).


4.                Candidates for outside director who have previously served on the Board of Directors of ARMA International may be reconsidered for nomination to the board after a one-year vacancy as set out in the procedures.


5.                The nomination and appointment of outside directors will be independent of the nomination and election of elected officers and directors.


6.                Outside directors are extended the same considerations as all elected board members and are bound by the association bylaws, policies, procedures, code of conduct and expectations.

 7.           Individuals from all professionals will be considered.


General Candidate Qualifications

Required Criteria

  • Board governance and general business oversight experience in any sector.
  • Strategic planning experience
  • Ability to engage and influence other professions and professionals across sectors
  • Demonstrated ability to aid the Principles initiative and future initiatives with such skills as:

o  PRoduct/technology  development

o  Sales and Marketing including e-commerce and social media marketing experience.

o   Global (North American) experience


Desired Criteria

  •  Understanding of the Information Governance and RIM Profession
  •  Board level financial experience 
  • International experience 
  • Across sector's experience

 ARMA International membership for outside directors is extended free of charge during their term of office.  Membership in a chapter is at the outside director’s discretion and sole expense.


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