ARMA InternationalARMA International Governance Current Policies and Procedures



SECTION:  Governing Body


POL 1-003 Pr

Duties and responsibilities – President Elect


Effective date: June 20, 2013

Approval date:  June 20, 2013

Last revised: June 29, 2012

Cancelled date: 

Reference: Bylaw IV, Sec. 5(B), POL 1-016

Cross reference:   POL 1-002, POL 1-018 Pr, POL 1-019 Pr, POL 3-019 Pr




The president elect of ARMA International is responsible for the following additional tasks:


Participates in the following task forces, as defined in the procedures cross referenced above: 

  • Strategic Planning Task Force (leader)
  • CEO Compensation Task Force (member) 
  • Annual Conference Programming (ex officio)

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