ARMA InternationalARMA International Governance Current Policies and Procedures



SECTION:  Governing Body


POL 1-003

Duties and responsibilities – President Elect


Effective date: June 20, 2013

Approval date: June 20,2013

Last revised: June 18, 2010

Cancelled date: 

Reference: Bylaw IV, Sec. 5(B)

POL 1-016

Cross reference: POL 1-002




The duties of the president elect of ARMA International are prescribed in the association bylaws and various association policies and procedures.    





The president elect: 

1.     Is a voting member of the board of directors.


2.      May be a leader or a member of task forces, either as defined in various procedures or as created by the association in the ordinary course of business.     


3.     Assumes all of the duties of the president during his/her absence or inability to perform his/her duties as president.


4.     Assists the president with duties as requested.


5.     Keeps the president and the board of directors fully informed at all times of such matters as are in the best interests of ARMA.


6.     Sets an example at all times for the RIM professional.

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