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Association Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures are essential for the general governance and administration of ARMA International.  Through the implementation of the policy statements and procedures that are approved by the Board of Directors of ARMA International, decisions and actions are appropriately authorized, records are generated, maintained, retained and disposed of for reasons of accountability and auditing.

The policies have been approved by the Board of Directors and it is the expectation that the ARMA Board, headquarters staff, regions and chapters, and Association members will refer to and comply with the policies and procedures at all times. 

As ARMA International is a dynamic Association experiencing constant change, the procedures must be dynamic too, changing to reflect different or new circumstances.  The procedures therefore will be subject to periodic change, as new ones are formatted and old ones are revised.

Additional policies and procedures relating to the administration of regions and chapters, and the operation of the headquarters offices are available in separate handbooks, and available from ARMA headquarters.

 - A -

Acceptance of Honoraria and Fees POL3-021; POL3-021Pr

Affiliations  POL3-014;POL3-014Pr; POL3-014ExA; POL3-014ExB

Antitrust Compliance POL3-010

ARMA International Name and Logo POL3-007; POL3-007Pr

Articles of Incorporation  POL1-014, POL1-014PrPOL1-014-ExA

Audit, Internal  POL1-022 POL1-022Pr

Awards Awards

   - B -

Board of Directors of the Association:

Bylaws of the Association POL1-015 POL1-015PrPOL1-015ExA

 - C -

Calendar of the Association POL3-006, POL3-006Pr


Chapter Handbook

Chief Executve Officer POL1-006; POL1-006Pr

Chief Executive Officer Compensation POL1-019, POL1-019Pr

Code of Professional Responsibility POL3-003; POL3-003ExA

Conference & Expo POL3-019POL3-019Pr

Confidentiality POL3-027; POL3-027Pr; POL3-027ExA

Conflict of Interest POL3-004; POL3-004Pr; POL3-004ExA

Contributions  POL3-015

- D -

Disciplinary action POL3-005, POL3-005Pr